Are other people doing lock down better?  

They’re keeping fit and doing Joe Wicks everyday, with the kids who are obviously fully compliant. 

Everyone else is having more fun with their busy calendar of online pub drinks, quizzes and barbeques with the neighbours.

And clearly the super advanced are learning a new language or making sourdough. 

Now don’t get me wrong- I love personal development and if you can make the most of this time by learning new skills or decluttering your house, that is amazing. 

But truthfully that’s not the picture for so many of us. 

We know social media is heavily filtered and edited to capture the best, not the worst moments of the day but sometimes when we’re scrolling it’s easy to forget that.  The fact is social media or at least the internet is the primary lens through which we see the world right now. 

This is the time, more than ever, to let go of the comparison trap. 

You might choose to use this time to get fit, but you might not and that’s ok. 

You might choose to use this time to learn new skills, but you might just have your plate full already. 

Yes, this is a collective effort and yes, we are in it together, but everyone’s experience is unique. 

It’s ok to have an off day. Of course we are all struggling with being out of a routine, separation from friends and family and anxiety about what the release of lockdown will mean for us. 

This week I’ve been repeating these messages to myself and to my clients: 

  • Stay in your lane- don’t worry what other people are doing- focus on YOU.
  • Manage your use of social media- unfollow and unsubscribe if it’s not serving you. 
  • Be kind to yourself- you are doing the best you can and celebrate your achievements, big and small. 

I am very proud to announce the launch of my new online course, Find Your Calm: Mindset Mastery for Challenging Times. If you would like to create a calmer mind, please come and join us!