With the gradual easing of lockdown, return to school for some children tomorrow feels like the start of a new phase. You might be sending your children in, choosing to keep them at home, or wishing that they could go back to school. 

But let’s take this moment for a huge high five and enormous pat on the back. 

Because the change we’ve been through in the last couple of months is huge and unprecedented. 

We’ve had to pivot and adapt like never before to working from home, home schooling AND trying to hold down a job or run a business. 

Nothing about this has been easy. The situation is far from ideal.

I adore my children but I find it bloody hard being at home with them. They’re generally good company but I find the domestic grind mind numbingly boring: the constant pressure to provide the next meal, another load of washing and picking up other people’s dirty socks or discarded lego pieces. And that’s why I’m so grateful for work!

Of course my attention has been divided as I have kept the business running, which has required its own pivoting and re-adjusting, supporting my husband in ICU as he’s led his department through the many challenges Covid has presented. 

My guilt has been in exposing our family to Covid through my husband’s job and thankfully we fully recovered but without doubt we put our family and health at risk. By continuing to send our children to school we were aware of the potential risk to the school staff and other families. While other children have had this time at home with their families, ours have continued attending school. 

You might be feeling guilty that the home schooling hasn’t gone to plan or work has been less than ideal or the kids have had way too much tech. 

Maybe you haven’t kept to the intentions you made- the fitness plan hasn’t materialised or you haven’t made the most of this time.

But the truth is none of this is ideal. We are all doing the best we know how. This is a global pandemic and we have thank goodness managed to muddle through.

So please let’s take this time to be kind to ourselves by letting go of self-judgement. Whatever you have or haven’t done, you have done your best. And let’s also be kind to each other- we will make different choices through this time and that’s ok.

Looking back to March, what have you learned about yourself and your response to change? What can you give yourself credit for? Please give yourself a big pat on the back- you deserve it.

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