Coaching FAQS

What is coaching?

Coaching is a supportive process which supports you to achieve your goals and desires more quickly than if you were working alone. It works through a series of questions which challenge you to shift your mindset and identify what may be preventing you from taking action. Coaching is positive and future focused.

How is Coaching different from mentoring or counselling?

Coaching differs from mentoring in that it is not a coach’s role to give advice. The premise of coaching is that you already have the answers and the coaching will help to draw out these answers and encourage you to take action.

Counselling tends to focus on identifying and addressing emotional problems from the past, whereas coaching is positive and future focused.

Is coaching right for me?

In our initial meeting I will assess your suitability for coaching. If I feel another intervention may be more suitable I will suggest this. If during the course of a session it becomes clear that coaching is not the right intervention for you I will suggest that we stop the coaching sessions.

Does coaching give guaranteed results?

Coaching is an extremely powerful intervention as you set the agenda and choose the action you wish to take. As a coach I will challenge you and provide accountability but ultimately the benefit you gain from coaching results from the action you take.

How many sessions will I need?

To gain the full benefit from coaching, you will need a programme of 6 sessions as this allows time to uncover and beliefs that may be holding you back,

Is what we discuss confidential?

Yes the content of our coaching sessions is absolutely confidential.

What is the investment?

Our initial phone call is free of charge. Your investment in bespoke 1:1 coaching £600 for a package of 6 sessions including a DISC Personality Profile Report over a 3 month period.

How do I get started?

Please e mail me at or book a discovery call here.