£29.99 per month

What you can conceive you can achieve

We know as professionals and entrepreneurs that our professional development will never exceed the rate of our personal development. Yet, we often prioritise our businesses or work over our personal development, health and relationships.

This membership community is designed to support you, to create a business or work that you love; to build your confidence in creating visibility in your business or work; to create habits that will support you in building the resilience and perseverance necessary to succeed.

As part of this community you will receive:

  • Weekly Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching
  • Monthly Teaching and Focus: (Vision/ Values/ Confidence and Imposter Syndrome/ Resilience/ Perseverance/ Success habits/ Effective Communication)
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Me helping you work on Goals, Accountability and Mindset
  • A supportive community of women who get it.

Other ways to work with Sarah Bramall include…

Strategy Session

Work with Sarah for an intensive 90-minute session exploring and troubleshooting a key area of your life.

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Group Coaching

Work with Sarah and a group of likeminded individuals supporting each other through a transformative coaching process. 

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One:One Coaching

Work with Sarah individually on a bespoke coaching journey that will take you to the next level in your life.

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If you would like to work with me or have any questions about how I can help you or your organisation please get in touch.