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Sarah is a talented public speaker, who has over twenty years’ experience of speaking, presenting and running workshops.

Since starting her business in 2017 Sarah has spoken at UBS to Women in Tech, Silicon Roundabout, an annual conference for NHS consultants and Women Leaders in Education as well as conferences for parents, business networking groups and smaller events.

Sarah also runs her own events on Creating Vision; Confidence and Imposter Syndrome and Planning and Goal Setting.

Sarah is a passionate and energetic speaker who talks on a range of topics including;

  • resilience and mindset
  • confidence and imposter syndrome
  • creating a coaching culture
  • effective communication.

As a qualified teacher, Sarah is experienced in delivering to large groups of students, staff, parents and stakeholders. She is also a former member of Toastmasters organisation and current member of The Professional Speakers’ Association.

“Sarah recently delivered a webinar with us titled ‘Manage Your Mindset in Challenging Times’ – she was professional, insightful and engaging throughout.

Sarah shared her top tips around what we can do to transform our mindset and gave some great practical advice to the attendees – she really knows how to connect with her audience.

It was a great webinar and I strongly recommend reaching out to Sarah!”

Emily Hazlewood, Women of Silicon Roundabout

Sarah attended our London office recently to support an initiative sponsored by ‘Women in Technology at UBS”. 

Sarah’s session focused on Imposter Syndrome, normalising the self-doubt that even the most senior managers are challenged with.

The audience was quite diverse in terms of maturity and seniority but Sarah held their attention throughout and made them really reflect on their personal goals and aspirations. 

Sarah’s session was highly thought-provoking and individual to those in attendance. The feedback after the session was really positive – many of the attendees felt quite emotional post the session and advised that Sarah had ‘unlocked’ some subconscious awareness in their professional persona and as a result felt much more empowered and capable to move forward in their careers. 

I would definitely engage Sarah for future sessions and would not hesitate to recommend Sarah on to other organisations wishing the help support and empower their female workforce.”

Anne McAndrew, Women In Technology, UBS

“We invited Sarah to talk to our group of anaesthetists who are a profession notorious for high stress and burnout; anaesthetists have the highest levels of suicide of all doctors, and doctors themselves have a much higher rate than the general population. In fact, a number of the audience have had colleagues commit suicide.

Sarah is clearly very passionate about the subject of self-care and pitched the topic perfectly for our group who want to understand the theory and ‘why’ behind how to start focusing on an area that we have neglected so long as a group.

She incorporated self-analysis exercises throughout to keep it relevant and engaging and left people with some thoughts on areas they could address their life balance or imbalance.

We had excellent feedback from the participants on Sarah as a speaker and I find its probably the session that people have mentioned to me as the organiser as being the most memorable.”

Viv Hannon, NTAM Conference Organiser

Other ways to work with Sarah Bramall include…

Strategy Session

Work with Sarah for an intensive 90-minute session exploring and troubleshooting a key area of your life.

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Group Coaching

Work with Sarah and a group of likeminded individuals supporting each other through a transformative coaching process. 

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One:One Coaching

Work with Sarah individually on a bespoke coaching journey that will take you to the next level in your life.

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If you would like to work with me or have any questions about how I can help you or your organisation please get in touch.