How Can Coaching Help Me?

What is coaching?

Through coaching I help you to identify what you really want and what is holding you back. Through asking supportive and insightful questions I help you to achieve your goals and let go of the limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.

Why coaching?

Coaching is positive and future focused. My belief is you already have the answers but my role is to ask the right questions and provide accountability to motivate you to take action.

How does it work?

I start with a free introductory session in which I learn about you, your desires and goals and what is holding you back.

Following this we undertake six sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis focused on your desired outcome, breaking your overall goal down into manageable steps to help you achieve your goal.


A typical programme would look like this:

Complimentary introductory  session, including the Wheel of Life.

Session 1- What do you really want?

This coaching session will help you figure out who you want to BE; what you want to DO and what you want to HAVE and where to get started!

Session 2- What are your values?

In this session you will gain clarity about what’s important to you, what drives you and use this knowledge to enable you to achieve your desired outcomes?

Session 3- Where are you now?

This session will help you to identify what you are putting up with, what you want to be different and how to make the necessary changes.

Session 4- Look to the future.

Using a well regarded tool from Neuro Linguistic Programming, this session will help you look to the future to figure out what your life will look like five years from now and what you need to do now to make that happen,

Session 5- What’s getting in your way?

How might you be sabotaging your own progress? What beliefs might be holding you back? This session will help you to get out of your own way and make the progress you desire.

Session 6- What’s changed?

In this review session we will look at the progress you’ve made as a result of the coaching; what you still need to do and how you can self-coach in order to get there.