Your Best Life Group Coaching Programme


Are you Living your BEST Life?

What did you dream of doing when you were a child?

What example are you modelling for your own children?

Do you want to develop and follow your dreams?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities?

Are you ready to make a change?

The Best Life Coaching Programme will help you:

  • Create a clear vision of what you really want.
  • Get clear on what really matters to you.
  • Build confidence to start seeking the opportunities you want.
  • Build a resilient mindset to keep going when things get tough.
  • Create new daily habits that give you the discipline to follow through with your goals. Give you accountability and support to help you to achieve your goals.

Join me to start The Best Life Coaching programme and start 2020 feeling great!

Starting Monday 3rd February, 8:30pm
Hosted online so you don’t have to leave your home

What it will include:

Live call every fortnight and access to a private Facebook group to connect with like- minded women.
A 1:1 coaching call with Sarah
Coaching and development over a 3 month period.

‌”I would urge anyone even remotely interested in this course to sign up immediately. I was impatient to make changes to certain areas of my thoughts and life, but quickly realised there are no fast solutions. Instead Sarah guided us with huge amounts of positive encouragement to examine and challenge our preconceived thoughts and assumptions, and to take time to consider our responses carefully and wisely. There is no quick fix; this course is an excellent springboard to take the first confident and supported steps to our best selves.‌”

“Sarah’s been absolutely amazing in guiding our group through the sessions. Whilst we have all come together with very different issues and aspirations, it has a been a breath of fresh air to see that when you focus on the essential elements, really what each of us are experiencing aren’t too dissimilar and that has allowed the group to bond and talk openly. Sarah has been wonderful in facilitating and pushing us enough to be really thought provoking, challenging us to explore deeply, whilst not applying pressure on individuals to share anything that was too sensitive to them. I have connected with a group of like minded supportive individuals in the group through Sarah. I would highly recommend her for the way she conducts herself and her professionalism.‌”
All in all I feel extremely lucky to have taken on and completed the course and have Sarah as my coach as she has not just guided and armed me with ways to build up the life skills I need but also tailored to ones in my new challenges in teaching I desperately looked for. She has all the right elements for changing your life for the better therefore I would highly recommend her.

Early bird: £299 (by Monday 6th January) and full price £349

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